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The Newbie Greenhorn's


The Newbie Greenhorn's  

3 Children $ 900.00

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2 Adults $ 1800.00

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2 Children $ 600.00

( For Premium Patrons Only)


We will be hosting our

Newbie Greenhorn

"Arizona Gold Mining Adventure's Tour on

May.13 th,14 th and 15th 2022 

This is an opportunity of a Lifetime to hunt some of the best ground Arizona has to offer and once you are there you will spend 3 days Metal Detecting for Gold Nuggets, Specimen Gold and Lode Gold on our World Famous Claims in Meadview, Arizona .

Also known as the King Tut ( Lost Basin ) Placer range .



This will be a great opportunity for anyone wanting to learn their machine while detecting on some of the Richest ground Arizona has to offer.

" if that don't get your Blood pumping , nothing will "

So ...

does this

sound like an adventure of a lifetime to you.

That's what we thought .

So you know what I am gonna say ....huh
Ohhhhh You Better.

So C'mon....Let's Go !!!!

PLUS... we will be bringing a Gold Bug 2 , Gold Monster 1000 along with a Garret ATX Deep seeker in case someone needs one. .

These claims are located in the Lost Basin Range ( King Tut Placer's )

just a few miles from Meadview AZ .

PLEASE Book with us before making Hotel, Cabin or RV arrangements.


You will be responsible for your own Transportation to the claims

 your own Food and Lodging 

plus your own equipment.

2wd vehicles can access most of the claims but high clearance is need for the back section of the claims.

You can bring quads or side by sides to make it easier.


Even though this area has produced Gold Nuggets in the past , we cannot guarantee that you will find Gold nuggets or Placer Gold on this tour or on these claims. By signing up for this tour, you agree that you understand and acknowledge this.  

Our Training rates are as follows

$900.00 per Adult

$300.00 per Child under 18

 15 People Maximum

If you book with us after we have received 15 people,

then you will be completely refunded .

 If you have any question then please feel free

to contact us through this site or through Patreon.

 You will receive confirmation and a list of things to bring after signing up and please remember that our rates are not affiliated with Hotel rates.

Please select the rate that applies to you ( On your Mobile Device check above.)

Cancellation Policy

( Please Read )

If you cancel more the 48 hours before your scheduled trip,

then a fee of $ 450.00 dollars will be charged

for each participant

(  $150.00 for each Child )

If you cancel within 48 hours of your scheduled trip 

then no refund fee's will be provided.

No Show's are responsible for 100% of their trip fees.

If you leave the tour for any reason other then an Emergency ,

the no refunds will be given.

For lodging you have:

Mikes Meadview RV Park with Cabins,

Canyons End Motel  


   Meadview Lake Motel.

( links are below )

    There are 3 restaurants in town....

The Fisherman's landing

   The Boathouse Cafe and Grille


The Anchor Smokehouse


Our schedule will be:

Friday: Meet up at Mikes Meadview RV Park down by the Horseshoe court no later then 10 am for a head count. Then after that head out to the claims and break the group up into Teams. At 2pm have lunch and by 5 to 6 head back to town to have Dinner.

Saturday : Meet out at the claims no later the 10am to get started for a full day of Metal Detecting . Have lunch at 2 PM and head back to town by 5 to 6 PM to have Dinner

Sunday: Meet back out at the claims no later the 10 am and have a Raffle Drawing on the claims at 12 Noon. We will Print every ones name and pull them from a hat.

We will be giving away 3 prizes :

1st placewill be a Mistery Box w/ a Target Bag of Paydirt from Slim's Drift Mine

2nd place      will be a Personally Signed Garret Super Sluice Gold pan Kit w/ a Target Bag of Paydirt from Slim's Drift Mine

3rd place will be a Personally Signed Copy of or Book w/a Target Bag of Paydirt from Slim's Drift mine..

Links are in Blue at the Bottom of the Page

3 Adults $ 2700.00

Sold Out 

1 Child $ 300.00

Sold Out 

1 Adult $ 900.00

Ask Jeff Williams

Our passion is finding Gold !