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Our passion is finding Gold !

My Beautiful Wife :

Why are we your Best source for Finding Gold?

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   Nevada Jack

Three things. Passion, Dedication and Experience not to mention Luck is why we think we are your best source for trying to find that elusive Shiney. For me and Slim there is nothing like the smell of the campfire in the morning. It smells like another day of finding Gold and the freedom of knowing that the next big strike could be found right around the corner on every adventure. Here at Ask Jeff Williams we go the extra mile to show you , the viewer, how to effectively research, prospect and find Gold. We also show what to do when you do find Gold and How to make the most money from you hard work. If you like the Great outdoors and you are not afraid of Hard Work then just sit back, grab a pen and paper and watch our years of experience teach what many can't or won't. At the same time me and Slim like to have fun with our Prospecting trips and of course Slim ( aka Charles Breyfogle ) knows where all the Gold is so you know I am keeping him around so I can learn all the secret places to hunt for that Beautiful Gold.